Ooh It’s Exciting!

Welcome to my first post on my first weblog.

I hope to use this as a personal journal, a daily diary of daily things.  A note of all things Kids, cooking, crochet and a like.

I’ll try to keep it interesting if only for my own sanity so if I’m ever to re read it all I dodn’t feel my own life is boring and uninteresting.

I’m not saying it will be fascinating or checkback-worthy. I won’t claim it will be updated everyday or even every week but only when I remember and if I’ve got time.

It is going to be honest and to the point, If it happened the post will be without bells on and if it made me happy, angry, sad, tired, manic or bored I’ll say that too.

Happy Reading and Please post comments. I want your own honesty too. Tell me how you feel reading my blog and as long as you are polite about it I won’t delete anything.