STOP! It’s the Holidays…

Everything stops at Holiday time round here.

Both my Kids are under school age and I am totally unaware of the dates of school terms so it seems that everytime we get settled into a routine of toddler groups, nursery days and mamma-meets it all comes to a grinding halt coz… the schools are holiday!!! Grrrr. For Seven… SEVEN weeks, those of us without kids at school are left in a kinda lonely Limbo. My Husband is still working regular shifts, we ain’t going anywhere on holiday and if I go out with the kids it’s just me and the kids. It’s not all the other kids in the village to play together and all the other Mums to chat with. 😦

May the next seven weeks pass as quickly as they did when I was a kid at school, hehe! I wait eagarly for the recommencment of all the toddler groups, nursery days and mamma-meets. 🙂