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I have opened my own online shop selling my own hand-dyed and handspun fiber and yarns.

I had been toying with this idea for a good part of last year and it was only while chatting with a friend of mine on MSN that I realised that thinking about it wasn’t getting it done!

I have got a few colourways up already and my darling luffly husband and I have been trying to get the website up and running as quickly as possible, there have been a few teething problems and I’m still trying to get it all organised to exactly how I want it but my DLH is a pooter whizz so he’s on the case and making it all run smoothly for me which is great as it leaves me more time for Spinning and Dyeing instead of slogging at the pooter 😀 🙂

Please come to HalonaYarns.co.uk and have a look around.


Oooh! Pretty Pink Dresses!

My Darling Luffly Daughter runs around in jeans and T-shirt coz I have NOOOOO fashion sense and I have a staple of Jeans and polo shirts in my wardrob and that is it 🙂

Recently however my daughter has been running around with anything pink and floaty on her head prancing about and saying ‘me a princess, me a princess!’

You don’t get much more of a hint from a 2 year old that the jeans just aren’t cutting it anymore lol 🙂

So I ordered the Sew Baby Reversible Sundress Patternand got some really pretty fabric from my favourite fabric shop The Mad Crafter and made her a pretty dress to wear, Ta Daaaaaaa! (as my Luffly Darling Daughter would say lol)

It only took me one night to cut it all out and sew it all together and that included transfering the pattern for her size on to Vilene first. I was SO proud when I finished it (@1am) that I hung it on a hanger and chased upstairs to show it my Darling Luffly Husband (who wasn’t feeling well and had been a sleep for hours, oops) He was groggy and said “Ooo yeah it’s pretty” then went back to sleep. The funniest thing was he was all surpised at the pretty dress hanging on the wardrobe door in the morning as he remembered little of being woke up in the middle of the night hehe!

The that day she wore it to go to nursery. I’d said to the ladies there that she was going to grannies afterward to show off Mummys handywork, (modest ain’t I lol) But when her Dad went to pick her up (that’s a whole different post BTW) she didn’t have the dress on anymore !?! Just aswell she had the T-shirt and Jeans on underneath, the dress had been a tad on the short side (my Daughter is tall for her age) and I didn’t have any tights for her and it was cold outside lol 🙂 Turns out the nursery staff were afraid of her getting paint on it!!! lmao

5 Minute Bread

5 minute Bread

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I’ve been caught up and swept along in a craze. It’s a bit late in getting to me as the book, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, that started the tide rolling was published about a year back. The recipe I followed, Simple Crusty Bread was an adaptaion from the book which gives loads of variations for the basic dough recipe.

What appealed to me most about this 5 minute bread is that it doesn’t need any kneading. I HATE kneading bread and it’s put me off having homemade bread in the house everyday beacuse it’s just to time consuming with the kneading and the proving and the rising and the re-rising etc etc but this recipe takes all of that away!!!

It’s just four ingredients, Flour, yeast, Salt and Water, mix it in a bowl, set it aside to rise, shove it in the fridge till your ready to use it, pull some out, shape into a tin and let it warm up then shove it in the oven. I didn’t believe that it would be so soft and nice and tasty with out Kneading it but I was pleasantly surprised.

If you have ago, leave a comment and let me know how you got on with it.

Good Luck!