Chicken: SMASH!!!

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This is what we had for dinner tonight. It wasn’t as pretty looking as it was on the cookery telly programme I got the recipe from Last night but I’ll bet it was just as tasty!!!

Jamie Oliver called it Chicken Paramsan but my Darlin Luffly Husband affectionatly named it Chicken SMASH! 🙂 The recipe is on his website and it’s in a short video which means you get to see it all happening.

Well Jamie quotes £2.80 per head for this recipe!?! I about dropped off my seat when he said that and then added the “not too bad really!”

Well I used stuff that was in my freezer already, instead of RSPCA Organic Chicken I used ASDA Smartprice

Chicken, instead of Parma Ham we had good old fashioned Bacon and as the only Parmasan Cheese I had came dried in a tub I opted for freshly grated Chedder. I reckon that the whole meal which included mash and sweetcorn came in at about £5 and would have fed four but as my youngest isn’t quite into chewing on stuff yet my Daughter, my Darling Luffly Husband and I kinda pigged out on it. Hehe!

After you layer it up, the Chicken, then the Cheese, then the Bacon on top, it’ll look like a really cute parcel. But You have to cover it over with the Clingfilm and then SMASH! it with something big and heavy, like say a big heavy assed copperbottomed frying pan for example. Then after a couple of SMASH!s you’ll feel much less stressed and the cute little parcel will look more like road kill which means it’ll cook in under 6 mins and will get to the table quicker.

My DLH is wanting this for tomorrows dinner again and it’s so quick and tasty I think it will take a permanant place on the list of things to cook for DLH when I want something new or expensive. 🙂


Carboots & Festivals :)

The local 4 day festival is going on round here just now and the usual weekend carboot I go to was awful as a result. The fesitval is supposed to bring loads of visiters to the area and be great for the economy etc etc but… because of fear of the traffic jams and hoards of tourists the locals… stay at home hehe! 🙂

The result was though that although the carboot was smaller than usual 😦 and there were less people there to buy… I got a greater number of bargains yay! 🙂

If the weather holds out I’ll be going to another carboot tomorrow morning so I’ve got my fingers crossed the rain doesn’t come. so if it’s sunny, check in for another bargain udate tomorrow.

STOP! It’s the Holidays…

Everything stops at Holiday time round here.

Both my Kids are under school age and I am totally unaware of the dates of school terms so it seems that everytime we get settled into a routine of toddler groups, nursery days and mamma-meets it all comes to a grinding halt coz… the schools are holiday!!! Grrrr. For Seven… SEVEN weeks, those of us without kids at school are left in a kinda lonely Limbo. My Husband is still working regular shifts, we ain’t going anywhere on holiday and if I go out with the kids it’s just me and the kids. It’s not all the other kids in the village to play together and all the other Mums to chat with. 😦

May the next seven weeks pass as quickly as they did when I was a kid at school, hehe! I wait eagarly for the recommencment of all the toddler groups, nursery days and mamma-meets. 🙂