Fall Back!

I forgot, I was told a fornight ago, I was told yesterday and I forgot.

Yesterday I forgot more than falling back in time. I was at the carboot and I saw something for my Son Christmas, it was quite big and I’d just arrived so I paid for it and asked the woman to keep it for me and i’d come back to get on my way out…. you guessed it, I forgot! It wasn’t the money, although it was that too, but I really thought my son would have really enjoyed it for Christmas. Oh well maybe she’ll be there next week.

Well after getting up early, the kids wanting to go to bed at 6 and having the longest hour of trying to keep them up til bedtime showed on the newly adjusted clock. Poor cherubs didnt’ understand what was taking so long for bedtime to come, but they are all tucked up in their beds now and hopefully tomorrow will bring normality and theywill get up at their normal time and bedtime won’t take so long to come around.