All Spun Out!


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Look at my pretty Spinning Wheel that I got for the bargain, knock down price of…… only £25!

My Darling Luffly Husband is always on Gumtree see if there are any bargains to be had, he’s after anything from computer games to campervans and the latest find… land in the highlands (Me thinks I better start knitting thicker Jumpers 🙂 )

It was on one of his many trawls through Gumtree that he saw my soon to be new Spinning Wheel. I’d wanted one but the price was a bit off putting. I’m well known for spending loads on something (e.g. Lateral Thigh Trainer) and lasting a week at it then never using it again. I’d been looking at drop spindles but hadn’t gotten one as i just knew somehow that wouldn’t be the same, lol, a touch of Fiber Snobbery never hurt anyone, right?

So anyway, It needed a bit of work as the person selling it had never used it and it was a dry as a dinosaur bone. I gave it a new drive band of green twine (all I had at the time, but it’s doing the job) I also had to squeeze about half a tin of oil into it to get it go round smoothly, I’m still having to heavily oil it every time i getit out so as not to pull a hamstring while treadling lol. So Far I’ve had fun with yarn barf, shabby singles and now I’m on the slow path to something that is starting to look a tad like it might ply up into something knittable…. watch this space!


All In a Ravel

Hiya, I ain’t been blogging in a while coz I got all caught up at

For anybody who doesn’t already know, Raverly is a knitting and crochet community for all the lovely crochet and knitters out there looking to chat with and be inspired by other crochet and Knitters.

When you sign up first they send you an invite to your email address and then when you answer the invite you get to enter the world of everything that is Raverly.

My Username is BobbinD look me up when you get there 🙂 Have fun, Hope to see you there soon.

The Elusive Crochet Pattern

I recieved this blanket as a gift from an elderly friend of mine when my first daughter was born. I asked for the pattern but I never got it so after we moved I started to look for it on the internet. I found out that it was an old pattern called ‘The reversible shell afghan’ from Lee Wards who went out of business in the 1990s, 😦 I also discovered that I wasn’t the only person after the pattern.)

My Daughter is 2 years old now and I also have a 6 months old son and I was getting desparate to track down the pattern so I could do a blue one for him. The funny thing was when I gave up looking and started to look for another project for him I stumbled across the pattern on Although the pattern calls for crochet cotton and a tiny hook size but I’m working in DK on a 4mm hook. I think it looks pretty much exactly the same. 🙂

I can’t wait till it’s finished and hugging my son at night.

Please leave comment if you find this pattern link helpful.