DIY Onbag

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First of all I’d like to give all thanks to Sarah at Onbag for allowing her pattern to be used for personal use for those of us that are Sewing Machine inclined πŸ™‚

I used the same fabric as I did on my DIY-tai and I love that they are all matchy matchy πŸ˜€

All the hems are rolled, rolled hems are a new technique to me and it almost put me off starting it but after I’d done just the first couple of inches and got round my first corner I was really comfy with doing the rolled hem and even stopped pinning them after a while and just rolled on the stop/start instead (I hate pins anyway so any excuse really) It too me ages inbetween the kids and getting other stuff done but I still reckon I put about 25hours into it and every second was worth it and I’m now planning my next one… I think it might be purple πŸ™‚

I love bags but I don’t really DO bags lol all that having to hold on to something and remembering to pick it up if I put it down somewhere so I don’t lose it 😦 (I’ve lost loads of stuff by leaving it at my bum :() anyway no probs there with this bag, it’s really comfy on the shoulder, it can be a rucksac too if I wanted and the best thing is, I love it so much I could NEVER forget about it YAY!

The red bit is the original, bonafide, the real thing Onbag DIY label available from the lovely Sarah herself πŸ™‚

This is the bottom of the bag, I put an extra hem that looks like a rolled hem between the bottom of the side pocket and edge of the bag bottom to add some extra Β structure to the bottom of the bag πŸ™‚

I made the front flap 3 inches wider and 3 inches longer to give better coverage to the front of the bag but also so I could get more of the lovely dolphins pattern in πŸ˜€



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The blue splodge and I have been Babywearing since he was about 6 months old. We started with a Ring Sling that we got from a lovely mama on the Goddess Mums Forum, then at about 16 months old I moved on to wrapping and found a new Natural Parenting Forum,Β Natural Mamas

I love wearing my Kids as it gives me an amazing chance for bonding and also I get to have two hands to do other things with, not least holding the pink splodges hand and of course that of my Darling Luffly Husband β™₯

Anyways, always believing that things are best when DIY’d I set about making myself a Mei-tai in fabrics of my choice and taking all the bits I liked best about all the other carriers I’d seen or tried.

The best part was the pattern designing, there are loads of tutes on the net and loads of people have already made they’re own and have loads of advice to give. My biggest concern was with the hood, I was looking for something hood shaped and snuggly so I made mine so that it has drawstrings around the curve and some faux fur around the edge so when it’s pulled up it forms around the head and is really cozy β™₯

I ended up selling all the other carriers I had as now my Dolphin DIY-tai is my goto carrier and I love it so much I made a matching OnBag to go with it.

This is the first one I made just as I had to add an action pic but I don’t have any yet of the Dolphin one πŸ™‚