St Valentines Day

Valentines pressie

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My Darling Luffly Husband bought me something for Valentines that wasn’t flowers or chocolates or wine. It wasn’t lacking in thought and it wasn’t something I wanted to ask for the receipt for so I could return it.

This Valentines has excelled all other Valentines in our time together, it took real thought and it means he’s been paying attention when I’ve been talking to him about spinning! 😉

My Darling Luffly Husband bought me the one, the only, the Brand New SLIDING HOOK FLYER from Ashford.

I’m such a lucky Girly
🙂 🙂 🙂


Barber Poles

3rd skein

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I’ve had this sitting as singles for ages on the bobbins as I’d already plied half of it and had never got around to plying the rest. so here it is.

This was 25g of pink and 25g of purple and 50g of white, I space spun the pink and purple onto one bobbin and then spun the white single on another and barberpoled them together, it gives it a self striping effect with a marl of white, pretty funky if I do say so myself 🙂

I have been emptying my bobbins as I have had to part ways with my lovely Halona. I have upgraded to a Brand New pre-laquered, double treadle, scotch-tension Ashford traveller who I have affectionately called ‘Halona Too’ in memorium to my first love who will be much missed, but I’m sure Lucy, her new owner will love her as much as I have.

Farewell Halona, teach Lucy well.

Booga Bag KAL

sunset colours for GM KAL

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This is the wool I’ve bought for my first ever Knit A Long (KAL) It’s called Icelandic Lopi Roving, it’s an unspun yarn perfect for Felting and it’s loads of fun to work with. The Pattern for the KAL is the Booga Bag, a FREE pattern by Black Sheep Bags.

The KAL has been organised on GoddessMums by WoolyWumpkins and there are about 6 or 7 of us who are taking part. This is my first KAL and I’m so excited, I can’t wait to cast on.

I’m hoping to be able to create a slow blend of the colours all the way up the bag, I’ll be working it double stranded so I’m hoping to work x amount of rows in the rust (the dark one) then x amount of rows in Rust and Yellow then x rows in just yellow then in yellow and white then just white, I’m hoping for a smooth transition effect after it’s felted.. we’ll see how it goes 🙂

Oooh! Pretty Pink Dresses!

My Darling Luffly Daughter runs around in jeans and T-shirt coz I have NOOOOO fashion sense and I have a staple of Jeans and polo shirts in my wardrob and that is it 🙂

Recently however my daughter has been running around with anything pink and floaty on her head prancing about and saying ‘me a princess, me a princess!’

You don’t get much more of a hint from a 2 year old that the jeans just aren’t cutting it anymore lol 🙂

So I ordered the Sew Baby Reversible Sundress Patternand got some really pretty fabric from my favourite fabric shop The Mad Crafter and made her a pretty dress to wear, Ta Daaaaaaa! (as my Luffly Darling Daughter would say lol)

It only took me one night to cut it all out and sew it all together and that included transfering the pattern for her size on to Vilene first. I was SO proud when I finished it (@1am) that I hung it on a hanger and chased upstairs to show it my Darling Luffly Husband (who wasn’t feeling well and had been a sleep for hours, oops) He was groggy and said “Ooo yeah it’s pretty” then went back to sleep. The funniest thing was he was all surpised at the pretty dress hanging on the wardrobe door in the morning as he remembered little of being woke up in the middle of the night hehe!

The that day she wore it to go to nursery. I’d said to the ladies there that she was going to grannies afterward to show off Mummys handywork, (modest ain’t I lol) But when her Dad went to pick her up (that’s a whole different post BTW) she didn’t have the dress on anymore !?! Just aswell she had the T-shirt and Jeans on underneath, the dress had been a tad on the short side (my Daughter is tall for her age) and I didn’t have any tights for her and it was cold outside lol 🙂 Turns out the nursery staff were afraid of her getting paint on it!!! lmao

Pumpkin in The Dark!!!

pumpkin in the Dark 2008

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This is gonna be a short blog, I dunno whats wrong, started 3 times and found nothing more to say than – here is my Pumpkin, I was well proud of it, my daughter was amazed by it and all the kids that came to Trick or Treat thought that it was ace.

So there it is… A Cheeky Jack O Lantern for my Daughters First Halloween.

Fall Back!

I forgot, I was told a fornight ago, I was told yesterday and I forgot.

Yesterday I forgot more than falling back in time. I was at the carboot and I saw something for my Son Christmas, it was quite big and I’d just arrived so I paid for it and asked the woman to keep it for me and i’d come back to get on my way out…. you guessed it, I forgot! It wasn’t the money, although it was that too, but I really thought my son would have really enjoyed it for Christmas. Oh well maybe she’ll be there next week.

Well after getting up early, the kids wanting to go to bed at 6 and having the longest hour of trying to keep them up til bedtime showed on the newly adjusted clock. Poor cherubs didnt’ understand what was taking so long for bedtime to come, but they are all tucked up in their beds now and hopefully tomorrow will bring normality and theywill get up at their normal time and bedtime won’t take so long to come around.

Frugal Bugal!!!

I am becoming more and more aware of how my pennies are being crushed by my Pounds.

Everytime I turn on the news I her about indexs falling and people getting scared because they might loose millions! Pah, if they’ve got it they can loose it in my mind.

My fears are simpler than that. What if I can’t afford to buy Chicken anymore, I love chicken but it’s expensive as it is, eversince that guy with the name I can’t remeber coz it’s too long stuck his neb into it. Two chickens for a fiver was just up my street thank you very much! Now you can’t get enough breast to feed the family for under a fiver unless it’s on offer!

Right now I couldn’t care less for the underpaid seamstresses – warm jersey for my Daughter = £1- Thank you very much, I’ll have 2! No light for 40days then they die chickens – Feeds my family for four days + a pot of soup – Thank you very much, I’ll have 2 for £5.

Why does everything have to be soooo PC. In times of economic meltdown the only person I’m gonna be caring about are me and mine. Charity donations are at an all time low – no bloody wonder – Charity Begins at home in this house I’m afraid.

Another thing I can’t stand is people moaning one week about how skint they are and then the next week they are flashing off another new pair of trainers while sparking up a fag!!!!

I’ll stop ranting now, can you tell that something ticked me off. 🙂

Comment if you want, just remember I’m not preaching it’s just My Blog and My Opinion, you don’t have to agree with it!