Fall Back!

I forgot, I was told a fornight ago, I was told yesterday and I forgot.

Yesterday I forgot more than falling back in time. I was at the carboot and I saw something for my Son Christmas, it was quite big and I’d just arrived so I paid for it and asked the woman to keep it for me and i’d come back to get on my way out…. you guessed it, I forgot! It wasn’t the money, although it was that too, but I really thought my son would have really enjoyed it for Christmas. Oh well maybe she’ll be there next week.

Well after getting up early, the kids wanting to go to bed at 6 and having the longest hour of trying to keep them up til bedtime showed on the newly adjusted clock. Poor cherubs didnt’ understand what was taking so long for bedtime to come, but they are all tucked up in their beds now and hopefully tomorrow will bring normality and theywill get up at their normal time and bedtime won’t take so long to come around.


Frugal Bugal!!!

I am becoming more and more aware of how my pennies are being crushed by my Pounds.

Everytime I turn on the news I her about indexs falling and people getting scared because they might loose millions! Pah, if they’ve got it they can loose it in my mind.

My fears are simpler than that. What if I can’t afford to buy Chicken anymore, I love chicken but it’s expensive as it is, eversince that guy with the name I can’t remeber coz it’s too long stuck his neb into it. Two chickens for a fiver was just up my street thank you very much! Now you can’t get enough breast to feed the family for under a fiver unless it’s on offer!

Right now I couldn’t care less for the underpaid seamstresses – warm jersey for my Daughter = £1- Thank you very much, I’ll have 2! No light for 40days then they die chickens – Feeds my family for four days + a pot of soup – Thank you very much, I’ll have 2 for £5.

Why does everything have to be soooo PC. In times of economic meltdown the only person I’m gonna be caring about are me and mine. Charity donations are at an all time low – no bloody wonder – Charity Begins at home in this house I’m afraid.

Another thing I can’t stand is people moaning one week about how skint they are and then the next week they are flashing off another new pair of trainers while sparking up a fag!!!!

I’ll stop ranting now, can you tell that something ticked me off. 🙂

Comment if you want, just remember I’m not preaching it’s just My Blog and My Opinion, you don’t have to agree with it!

Introducing Halona!


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I’d like you all to meet Halona. I’ve called her this as the meaning of the name is well suited to the circumstance she came to us under.

I blogged recently that I had gotten an old Spinning Wheel out of my Classifieds for £25 but what I didn’t then know was that if you run it Anti-clockwise to ply you ended up with the Bobbin, Flyer, and whorl all unscrewing themselves! lolSO it was time for a new plan!!!

I’ve been procrastinating with listing some stuff on Ebay but when my Spinning wheel broke the listings went up super quick as I NEEDED a new Spinning wheel.

Well Karma/Spinning Gods/ my Grandad looking down from above/call it what you will, was shining down on me today coz my Darling Luffly husband picked up another bargain at the carboot!!!

So, Here is Halona, She is my new Ashford Traveller with 9 Bobbins in almost-new-but-been-neglected-just-needing-some-loving condition. We got her for a heaven sent price of only £50 (honest) and she spins like an angel (shame I don’t but I’m sure pratice is all I need)

P.S. Halona means: Of Good Fortune.

Tribble Trouble

First Tribble with First Yarn

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This is what I made with my First Yarn – It’s a Tribble – a knitting pattern inspired by some fluffy round thing in a sci-fi movie. The pattern called for cotton so at least you’d be able to wash the dishes with it. But what I wanted this pattern for was because it used a tiny yardage and meant that the 48 yards I’d spun would be enough to complete it 🙂

So here it is, my 48 yards of handspun is now a Tribble that if I tried to wash the dishes would decrease 50% in size and therefore become even less useful 😦

I love it though, it’s my first handspun project and I think it’s a work of art!

All Spun Out!


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Look at my pretty Spinning Wheel that I got for the bargain, knock down price of…… only £25!

My Darling Luffly Husband is always on Gumtree see if there are any bargains to be had, he’s after anything from computer games to campervans and the latest find… land in the highlands (Me thinks I better start knitting thicker Jumpers 🙂 )

It was on one of his many trawls through Gumtree that he saw my soon to be new Spinning Wheel. I’d wanted one but the price was a bit off putting. I’m well known for spending loads on something (e.g. Lateral Thigh Trainer) and lasting a week at it then never using it again. I’d been looking at drop spindles but hadn’t gotten one as i just knew somehow that wouldn’t be the same, lol, a touch of Fiber Snobbery never hurt anyone, right?

So anyway, It needed a bit of work as the person selling it had never used it and it was a dry as a dinosaur bone. I gave it a new drive band of green twine (all I had at the time, but it’s doing the job) I also had to squeeze about half a tin of oil into it to get it go round smoothly, I’m still having to heavily oil it every time i getit out so as not to pull a hamstring while treadling lol. So Far I’ve had fun with yarn barf, shabby singles and now I’m on the slow path to something that is starting to look a tad like it might ply up into something knittable…. watch this space!

ADSL, We are GO!


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We registered with a new internet company recently and we had our phone and net line all changed over. The phone kicked in about a week ago and today the new router arrived. 🙂

I looked at the box and for a fleeting moment I set it aside for my Darling Luffly Husband to do when he got in from work. In the same second I changed my mind and thought “I can do this!”


I am now writing to you all on my newly connected Internet that I did all by myself!

Altogether now – “Well Done, What a Clever Girl!”


Centre-pull ball

Centre-pull ball

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Ooooh how I love eBay.

I got a hardly used Knitmaster Wool Winder for a Bargain and I it arrived in about 36 hours which was sooooo fabby!.

I’ve been winding various bits and bobs of wool with it and I’m so impressed! Little balls of perfectness each one of them and no more wool getting tangled and dirty on the floor. WOOHOO!

All I need now is to save up and get me a Swift to go with my ball winder and I can start buying some of all that pretty yarn I see on ebay all the time that comes in the funny twisty hanks.