Who is Mums Homemade Love.

Hiya, I am Mother to my Daughter (Pink Splodge)  and Son (Blue Splodge) and Wife to my Soulmate, Darling Luffly Husband (DLH).

I like to Cook, Knit and Crochet. I Cook from scratch with fresh ingredients so I know exactly what is going into my families tummies. I do all the crafty stuff  coz it’s cheaper than therapy!

I am a Baby Wearing, Part Time  Cloth-Nappying, Always working on the bond, Stay at Home Mama.

I like to shnuggle up with my darling luffly husband at the end of the day after the kids are tucked up in bed and get some time back just for us. It’s important for us coz love isn’t enough and however good it feels it still needs to be worked at.

Never stop working at it or it’ll stop working for you, that’s what I believe.

I class myself as ‘hormonally challanged’ worse than PMT’d but not totally sectional. I try to keep it under control but it doesn’t always work and sometimes I just need to be grouchy and get on with it…. poor darling luffly husband (I Love you, never forget)


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