Fall Back!

I forgot, I was told a fornight ago, I was told yesterday and I forgot.

Yesterday I forgot more than falling back in time. I was at the carboot and I saw something for my Son Christmas, it was quite big and I’d just arrived so I paid for it and asked the woman to keep it for me and i’d come back to get on my way out…. you guessed it, I forgot! It wasn’t the money, although it was that too, but I really thought my son would have really enjoyed it for Christmas. Oh well maybe she’ll be there next week.

Well after getting up early, the kids wanting to go to bed at 6 and having the longest hour of trying to keep them up til bedtime showed on the newly adjusted clock. Poor cherubs didnt’ understand what was taking so long for bedtime to come, but they are all tucked up in their beds now and hopefully tomorrow will bring normality and theywill get up at their normal time and bedtime won’t take so long to come around.


Frugal Bugal!!!

I am becoming more and more aware of how my pennies are being crushed by my Pounds.

Everytime I turn on the news I her about indexs falling and people getting scared because they might loose millions! Pah, if they’ve got it they can loose it in my mind.

My fears are simpler than that. What if I can’t afford to buy Chicken anymore, I love chicken but it’s expensive as it is, eversince that guy with the name I can’t remeber coz it’s too long stuck his neb into it. Two chickens for a fiver was just up my street thank you very much! Now you can’t get enough breast to feed the family for under a fiver unless it’s on offer!

Right now I couldn’t care less for the underpaid seamstresses – warm jersey for my Daughter = £1- Thank you very much, I’ll have 2! No light for 40days then they die chickens – Feeds my family for four days + a pot of soup – Thank you very much, I’ll have 2 for £5.

Why does everything have to be soooo PC. In times of economic meltdown the only person I’m gonna be caring about are me and mine. Charity donations are at an all time low – no bloody wonder – Charity Begins at home in this house I’m afraid.

Another thing I can’t stand is people moaning one week about how skint they are and then the next week they are flashing off another new pair of trainers while sparking up a fag!!!!

I’ll stop ranting now, can you tell that something ticked me off. 🙂

Comment if you want, just remember I’m not preaching it’s just My Blog and My Opinion, you don’t have to agree with it!

Chicken: SMASH!!!

Chicken Smash (8) crop

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This is what we had for dinner tonight. It wasn’t as pretty looking as it was on the cookery telly programme I got the recipe from Last night but I’ll bet it was just as tasty!!!

Jamie Oliver called it Chicken Paramsan but my Darlin Luffly Husband affectionatly named it Chicken SMASH! 🙂 The recipe is on his website and it’s in a short video which means you get to see it all happening.

Well Jamie quotes £2.80 per head for this recipe!?! I about dropped off my seat when he said that and then added the “not too bad really!”

Well I used stuff that was in my freezer already, instead of RSPCA Organic Chicken I used ASDA Smartprice

Chicken, instead of Parma Ham we had good old fashioned Bacon and as the only Parmasan Cheese I had came dried in a tub I opted for freshly grated Chedder. I reckon that the whole meal which included mash and sweetcorn came in at about £5 and would have fed four but as my youngest isn’t quite into chewing on stuff yet my Daughter, my Darling Luffly Husband and I kinda pigged out on it. Hehe!

After you layer it up, the Chicken, then the Cheese, then the Bacon on top, it’ll look like a really cute parcel. But You have to cover it over with the Clingfilm and then SMASH! it with something big and heavy, like say a big heavy assed copperbottomed frying pan for example. Then after a couple of SMASH!s you’ll feel much less stressed and the cute little parcel will look more like road kill which means it’ll cook in under 6 mins and will get to the table quicker.

My DLH is wanting this for tomorrows dinner again and it’s so quick and tasty I think it will take a permanant place on the list of things to cook for DLH when I want something new or expensive. 🙂

5 Minute Bread

5 minute Bread

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I’ve been caught up and swept along in a craze. It’s a bit late in getting to me as the book, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, that started the tide rolling was published about a year back. The recipe I followed, Simple Crusty Bread was an adaptaion from the book which gives loads of variations for the basic dough recipe.

What appealed to me most about this 5 minute bread is that it doesn’t need any kneading. I HATE kneading bread and it’s put me off having homemade bread in the house everyday beacuse it’s just to time consuming with the kneading and the proving and the rising and the re-rising etc etc but this recipe takes all of that away!!!

It’s just four ingredients, Flour, yeast, Salt and Water, mix it in a bowl, set it aside to rise, shove it in the fridge till your ready to use it, pull some out, shape into a tin and let it warm up then shove it in the oven. I didn’t believe that it would be so soft and nice and tasty with out Kneading it but I was pleasantly surprised.

If you have ago, leave a comment and let me know how you got on with it.

Good Luck!