Centre-pull ball

Centre-pull ball

Originally uploaded by BobbinD

Ooooh how I love eBay.

I got a hardly used Knitmaster Wool Winder for a Bargain and I it arrived in about 36 hours which was sooooo fabby!.

I’ve been winding various bits and bobs of wool with it and I’m so impressed! Little balls of perfectness each one of them and no more wool getting tangled and dirty on the floor. WOOHOO!

All I need now is to save up and get me a Swift to go with my ball winder and I can start buying some of all that pretty yarn I see on ebay all the time that comes in the funny twisty hanks.


2 Responses to “Centre-pull ball”

  1. Ann in CT Says:

    Oh, yes I’ve always liked the look of yarn wound on a winder. sigh.

  2. Sooz Says:

    Ooo – I love it! I must buy one…

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