The Elusive Crochet Pattern

I recieved this blanket as a gift from an elderly friend of mine when my first daughter was born. I asked for the pattern but I never got it so after we moved I started to look for it on the internet. I found out that it was an old pattern called ‘The reversible shell afghan’ from Lee Wards who went out of business in the 1990s, 😦 I also discovered that I wasn’t the only person after the pattern.)

My Daughter is 2 years old now and I also have a 6 months old son and I was getting desparate to track down the pattern so I could do a blue one for him. The funny thing was when I gave up looking and started to look for another project for him I stumbled across the pattern on Although the pattern calls for crochet cotton and a tiny hook size but I’m working in DK on a 4mm hook. I think it looks pretty much exactly the same. 🙂

I can’t wait till it’s finished and hugging my son at night.

Please leave comment if you find this pattern link helpful.


Lazy Sunday!?!

Sunday Morning was Fabby. I got a lie in til about half nine then I was awoken with Breakfast in bed by my Luffly Darling Husband and my Beautiful Daughter, this, however was the end of my Lazy Sunday! )
After Getting up my Luffly Darling Husband crashed on the couch and then decided it was his turn for a lie in so when he took my Son up for his nap at half ten he turned in for one aswell. I sat down with my Daughter and we watched a bit of telly while I tried to get some crochet done, that didn’t work. I went into the kitchen and decided to start a messy job.

I created this mess with flour, egg and breadcrumbs with garlic on turkey pieces:

Messy Kitchen

to Create this for lunch, Homemade Chicken Nuggets:
Chicken Nuggets

but by the time the oven was preheated it looked like this and lunch was smelling fabby.

Lunch is Ready

So after Lunch was done and tummies were all full the phone went and the Mother-in-law AND the Sister-in-law were coming to visit. Thinking they were only 10 mins away at a local farm shop/cafe I jumped up off the sofa and started scooting round the house tidying and washing and hoovering and dusting, dressing the kids, doing my hair, changing my top sticking my ear out for the door chapping… An hour later they still weren’t here!?! When they do arrive it turns out my visit was being tacked onto the end of a shopping trip, they hadn’t said that on the first phone call -)
Well, goodnight for now, maybe tomorrow will be on a slower pace… here’s hoping.

Ooh It’s Exciting!

Welcome to my first post on my first weblog.

I hope to use this as a personal journal, a daily diary of daily things.  A note of all things Kids, cooking, crochet and a like.

I’ll try to keep it interesting if only for my own sanity so if I’m ever to re read it all I dodn’t feel my own life is boring and uninteresting.

I’m not saying it will be fascinating or checkback-worthy. I won’t claim it will be updated everyday or even every week but only when I remember and if I’ve got time.

It is going to be honest and to the point, If it happened the post will be without bells on and if it made me happy, angry, sad, tired, manic or bored I’ll say that too.

Happy Reading and Please post comments. I want your own honesty too. Tell me how you feel reading my blog and as long as you are polite about it I won’t delete anything.